EcoProtech Advanced Digestion process

EPAD technology is based on continuous, industrial scale, anaerobic digestion process. EPAD process has been developed by the owners of EcoProtech Oy in course of  20 years. The process is the first, stable, large scale continuous process in Finland that is still working - the first reference being the biogas plant in city of Forssa 1999.

Due to efficient process and equipment design the capacity of EPAD is higher than that of other available processes. Based on customer’s needs and feedstock the process can be tailored to be either mesophilic (low temperature) or thermophilic (high temperature)

Each plant we deliver is tailored to match the needs of our customers. The process is designed to insure maximum bioenergy recovery and resources recycling. We aim to design closed loop systems where material and energy flows are optimized to produce environmentally sustainable, highly efficient process. Energy produced in the process can be utilized as heat, electricity or fuel.

The scope of our services includes for example feasibility studies, process design packages, key equipment deliveries, turn-key solutions as well as Build, Own and Operate – solutions.

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