Case MetsäFibre Bioproduct Mill

EcoProtech Oy has developed globally the first, commercial full-scale biogas plant that shall use forest-based slurries from pulping process as the feedstock. This is highly potential technology to both existing paper and pulp mills as well as the next generation bioproduct mills.

Globally the first biogas plant is being constructed by EcoEnergy SF Oy in the area of MetsäFibre Bioproduct Mill in Äänekoski, Finland. The ramp-up of the biogas plant is syncronized with Bioproduc Mill, starting on 6/2017

Biogas plant shall process the wastewater slurries of the Bioproduct Mill, and turn those into biogas for transportation, fertilizers and solid biofuel.

The biogas plant is part of the industrial symbioses to create an ecosystem that makes use of waste from the manufacture of the main products. For example – the biomethane can be used as fuel for the vehicles used at the Mill.

The solid residual from this process  is highly potential green fuel to substitute fossil fuels used in coal fired boiler plants.

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