Examples of other references

Project management

  • A centralized energy and waste management concept for the Town of Kitee and the industrial area of Puhos.
  • “Biodiesel From Peat”, a feasibility study project concerning the placement of a biodiesel plant to the commune of Tohmajärvi.

Waste treatment

  • Biogas plant at Isokylä, RMG Pointo Oy; Laihia, Finland
  • Sewage treatment plant at Viinikanlahti; Tampere, Finland
  • Commune of Kaustinen and Keliber Resources Oy; Kaustinen, Finland

Process Industry

  • Momentive Specialty Chemicals Oy, Puhos; Kitee, Finland
  • Dynea Chemicals Oy, Puhos; Kitee, Finland

Water Treatment

  • Pre-treatment plant of industrial waste water, Laihian Mallas Oy; Laihia, Finland
  • Renovation of waste water plant, Commune of Laihia; Laihia, Finland

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